Imported 3D models

Import your 3D models

STLVault scans through your collections of 3D Models, generates preview images, tags and all the metadata you need in a 3D printing library tool. Currently only .stl files are supported. Support for other formats (like .3mf, .obj, .fbx) and (zip) archives is planned.

Tag and organize

Tag and organize

STLVault allows you to efficiently tag your imported models. Search and find the models you are looking for in a breeze! Sharing tags with the community and better auto-tagging is planned. Save your searches or organize your models in custom collections.

Assemble and export

Assemble and Export

View your models in 3D and assemble them for printing!

This feature is still in active development. You can look at your models in 3D but soon you'll also be able to combine (and export) multiple models for viewing or printing.

What's the big idea?

Most of us 3D printing enthusiasts have accumulated tons of cool models. Some of them might be free models, some paid and others are our own designs. Somehow they all found their way onto our harddrives and we need a fast way to view, search, organize and backup all these awesome files. That's where STLVault comes in.

Performance baked in

STLVault is fast and makes use of modern hardware. Don't spend your time waiting in front of a screen. The project is still young, but performance is a key feature.

Cross Platform

STLVault is built on Unity and can run on all major desktop platforms. During the preview phase only Windows builds available.


STLVault is free to use. Download the current version an try it out. If you want a new feature or found bugs: Contact the developer(s).

Download Preview Version

Open Source

STLVault is not only free of charge, but also Open Source. If you are a developer or want to write documentation: Contributions are welcome!

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